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Friday, August 22, 1947

              W  L Pct GB
Bremerton .. 77 58 .571 —
Spokane .... 77 59 .566 ½
Victoria ... 75 61 .551 3
Salem ...... 72 59 .550 3½
Vancouver .. 71 62 .534 5½
Tacoma ..... 64 70 .478 13
Yakima ..... 53 81 .396 24
Wenatchee .. 47 86 .353 29

VANCOUVER, Aug. 22 — Bob Hall, hard-throwing righthander, stopped the victory march of the Victoria Athletics here tonight when he threw a five-hitter at the Islanders and struck out 13 batters to give the Vancouver Capilanos a 9-3 Western International League triumph, their second with the A's this week.
Hall struck out 13 and walked two, and slapped out a screaming triple that got a standing ovation of the crowd of 3,000.
The losers scored only in the second and eighth innings. Two singles, a walk and an outfield fly accounted for the second inning tally, while John Hooper's two-run homer accounted for the final Victoria counters. The rally ended when Paul Carpenter pulled off a spectacular catch while rapped around the left-field light standard.
The Caps scored in every inning but the fifth as they pecked away at Bill Woop to hand him his 13th setback. Leon Mohr, the disappearing second baseman, was forgiven by the Vancouver management sufficiently to get into action and picked up three hits.
Victoria ......... 010 000 020—3 5 0
Vancouver ..... 121 201 11x—9 17 1
Woop and Mastro; Hall and Brenner.

WENATCHEE, Aug. 22 — Tom Rose tossed a one-hit shutout in the opening game of a twin-bill, giving the last-place Wenatchee Chiefs a 7-0 win over the Spokane Indians, who dropped to second place in the Western International League with a 12-4 loss in the second game.
Rose fanned five and walked three. The lone hit was a scatch safety over second base.
Lou McCollum scattered six hits in the nightcap after Spokane suffered a scourge of fumble-itis, committing seven errors.
First game:
Spokane ............... 000 000 0—0 1 0
Wenatchee ........... 000 070 x—7 13 1
Samson, Forsyth (5) and O'Neill; Rose and Dalrymple.
Second game:
Spokane ................. 010 100 020— 4 5 7
Wenatchee ............. 103 004 40x—12 10 1
Spitzer, Latino (7) and Bufflap; McCollum and Dalrymple.

First game:
Salem ....... 024 355 0—13 24 1
Yakima ...... 200 010 1— 4 8 0
Mossor and Beard; Brysch, Wallerstein (3) and Constantino.
Second game:
Salem ......... 000 100 310—5 11 2
Yakima ........ 133 100 000—8 12 1
G. Peterson, Sporer (3) Sinovic (8) and Mohler, Beard (8); Strait and Phillips.

First game:
Bremerton ............ 000 000 1— 1 5 2
Tacoma ............... 100 522 x—10 14 0
Johnston, Smith (6) and Ronning; Greenlaw and Clifford.
Second game:
Bremerton .......... 202 130 800—16 19 0
Tacoma ............. 000 000 001—1 7 2
Lowman and Volpi; Gilson, Tinsley (3), Clough (5), Hedington (7) and Kuper.


[Vancouver Sun, August 23, 1947]
Of course it had to pop up around this time of the year again. We mean that time-honored all-star squabble, when the fans are all sure they have just the best little baseball team in the world right in the backs of their heads.
A couple of fans have written in for our opinion, which we have never deemed important anyway. Another few at the ball park have asked the same question—“who’s the best at this and that position?”
Well, we won’t waste much time with it. Our all-star infield is Jack Harshman (Victoria) first base, Art Lilly (Yakima) second, Guy Miller (Tacoma) shortstop, and Babe Jensen (Victoria) third. Alternates have Herb Gorman (Spokane), Leo Righetti (Victoria), Buddy Hjelmaa (Vancouver) and Bob Hedington (Tacoma), filling respective positions.
The first string outfield reads, naturally, like a pitcher’s lament, Johnny Hooper (Victoria), Frank Mullens (Vancouver) and Bill White (Victoria). Ouch, get that power!
The reserve outfield isn’t bad either. Try Doug Donnan (Spokane), Ed Murphy (Bremerton), and Mel Wasley (Wenatchee), for size.
Catchers, who don’t necessarily have to hit the size of their toenails, although it helps if they do, are supposed to be long on brains. How can you get away from Bill Brenner then,
who, after all, is a manager and should have a working think-tank. Ami if its hitting you want Tacoma’s Earl Kuper should fit in nicely as No. 2 catcher.
* * *
And now the pitching. We have selected two right handers and two left handers. The rights left doubt in our minds, Jim Lowman of Bremerton and Bob Costello, Spokane. The lefties did offer a problem with the Caps’ Jim Hedgecock and Bremerton’s Joe Sullivan sneaking in. But don’t say I didn’t mention Salem’s Wendell Mossor.
The all-star manager is, without the slightest doubt, Jack Wilson, who has worked miracles with the Salem gang with almost nothing. Put Frank DeHaney behind the plate and Johnny Nenezich on the bases and we’ll have a ball game.
You’ll notice that the team is not as much Bremerton and Spokane as it is Victoria. You possibly think, then that we like Victoria for the bunting this year. Well, we do.
Maybe you don’t agree with these selections. You know our address anyway.
* * *
Ma and Pa Mullens are in town to watch Frankie boy perform. And though the Roscoe Rifle isn’t having one of his big streaks, you’ll also notice he’s batting in runs and hitting for extra bases.
Pa Mullens is a baseball fan, Brooklyn style. Not rabid, mind you, but he knows his way around the bases.
He told us in Victoria what we have known and maintained eons ago. Son Frank is not a power hitter. He’s the line drive type, sez Pa Mullens. And If you don't believe it wait until son Frank gets in that big Seattle ball park next year. Yessir, son Frank will hit a million, all line drives, sez Pa Mullens.
Son Frank, incidentaly, has a cousin in the Texas League who is a second baseman and who is a better ball player than our ace, sez Pa Mullens. That we would like to see. Yeah, that would be even worth seeing.
* * *
Bob Stumpf, the big, good natured Cap catcher from the Bronx, was 21 years old last Wednesday. Bronx Bob will never forget his 21st. He went into a protracted hitting slump which is driving him to speaking English.
Stumpf is still worried about Seattle, too. The boys have been kidding him about his ’48 possibilities.
'The other night, Paul Carpenter said to Stumpf, “Hey there, Bob, Earl Sheeley told me before I left Seattle that you were taking Bob Stagg’s place next season. (Stagg is Seattle’s bullpen catcher.)
Stumpf went near crazy. “I won’t report. Migawd, I’d rather play semi-pro. Why, I’ll jump ‘da club, yeah, ‘dat’s what I’ll do.” >

Sports Reel…
[Vancouver News-Herald, Aug. 22, 1947]
This week’s edition of the Sporting News gives Eddie Carnett, one-time manager of the Capilanos, a fair spread. Eddie was recently one of four players on the Paris (Big State League) nine to receive victory medals fro their navy services in World War II. Eddie looks quite happy in the picture, and incidentally, right below the pix, is an item which relates how Carnett hit into a triple play recently.

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