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Friday, June 13, 1947

                 W  L  Pct GB
Bremerton ..... 37 20 .648 —
Spokane ....... 33 22 .600 3
Salem ......... 30 26 .537 6½
Victoria ...... 31 28 .525 7
Tacoma ........ 27 28 .491 9
Vancouver ..... 25 28 .472 10
Yakima ........ 22 33 .400 14
Wenatchee ..... 18 38 .321 19½

VICTORIA, June 13—Buddy Haskell batted in six runs with three timely hits to help Wenatchee hang on for a 9-7 win over the Victoria Athletics in a Western International League game before a sparce and chilly crowd at Royal Athletic Park.
Haskell doubled and Jim Warner singled in the fourth inning, both bringing in two runs off southpaw Ray Fortier, then Haskell singled in a run in the fifth and doubled in two more in the seventh. Greenhalgh's homer in the eighth and Haskell's groundout in the ninth finished the Wenatchee scoring.
Meanwhile, Joe Vivaldi allowed only one run in the first six innings, helped by four double plays. Then he allowed not one, but two inside-the-park home runs. Pinch hitter Vic Mastro took his first pitch to the right field corner, scoring two in front of him as he stood on third and then decided to come home. In the ninth, Joe Blankenship singled, Pat Patterson walked and Jack Harshman duplicated Mastro's feat.
Wenatchee .... 000 410 211—9 13 2
Victoria ........ 001 000 303—7 11 1
Vivalda and Pesut; Fortier, Blankenship (8) and Anske.

Tacoma, Wash., June 13—Bunching seven of their ten hits to score eight runs in the first two inings, the Tacoma Tigers took a 9-6 decision over the Yakima Stars in their Western International baseball league series opener here tonight.
Earl Kuper, Tacoma catcher, was the batting star of the evening, driving in four runs with two triples, a double and a single in five trips.
Salem .......... 000 000 004— 4 10 4
Bremerton .... 001 005 03x—10 11 2
Anderson, Sporer (7) and Beard, Bartolomei (6); Johnson and Volpi.

Yakima ......... 020 001 201—6 11 1
Tacoma ......... 440 100 00x—9 10 1
Nowels, Ward (2) and Phillips; Morgan, Gilson (7) and Kuper.

VANCOUVER [The Sun, June 14]—It was Friday the thirteenth at Cap Stadium, just as it was in many other parts of the city, and Capilanos general manager Bob Brown last night made his unluckiest guess in many seasons—he called off a ballgame because of a ten-minute shower.
It was shortly after 7:30 when Bob made his decision to cancel the WIL Spokane-Vancouver battle. Ten minutes later the rain stopped and the sun broke through. And at a late hour last night Mr. Brown was still wondering why he did it, for there wasn’t a raindrop in sight for the rest of the evening.
Forgetting Bob’s bad guess for the moment, the Caps and Spokane resume tonight at 8 o’clock at the Stadium, the wind-up to a four-game set, one of which was misplaced somewhere.
Sandy Robertson, who says Saturday night is easily the best in the week, is Bill Brenner’s choice to lay the Spokes low. In two Saturday evening assignments, Sandy has broken even, and according to his rotation of wins and losses, this is the night for a combined Robertson-Capilano victory.
Latest release of the up-to-the-minute Capilano averages finds hard-socking left-fielder Charley Mead taking over the No. 1 spot. Charley has moved his average to a robust .333. He also leads the club in runs-batted-in, total bases and doubles.
BUD AT .299
Shortstop Buddy Hjelmaa finally fell out of the .300 class but is still close with his .399 mark. Lee Mohr at .324 and injured Bill Wright at .328 fill out the .300 hitters.
Carl Gunnarson has a 5-1 pitching record to lead the Brownie tossers, although three of his victories and the lone loss came when Carl was with Salem.
Player       AB  R  H  PCT
Mead ...... 204 46 68 .333
Wright .... 136 18 44 .328
Mohr ...... 228 68 74 .324
Hjelmaa ... 204 46 68 .299
Brenner .... 81 10 24 .296
Stumpf .... 133 16 37 .277
Mullens ... 200 38 54 .270
Estrada .... 74 11 20 .270
Estes ..... 183 26 48 .262


[Vancouver Sun, June 14, 1947]
Tommy Bridges, one of the all-time greats of the Detroit Tiger pitching staff (he’s now a Portland Bevo), helped up punch baseball’s bag the other afternoon in an after-dinner session staged by Portland owner George Norgan.
Subjects dealing with baseball were all hauled out of the sack and laid on the carpet. The one which interested us most was that of Vancouver’s prospects of becoming a future Pacific Coast League affiliate.
The prospects aren’t good. They are, if you want it bluntly, quite impossible right now.
Bridges has not been on the coast long, but he is a baseball-wise veteran and knows of what he speaks. He cannot see Vancouver in the Coast League now or in the next 10 years because that circuit is a closed shop, so to speak.
Four years ago the Sacramento franchise was staggering. They had a last
place club and the turnstiles were barely whispering. Financially they were on the rocks, and seven other Coast League clubs looked to Vancouver, flashing their “come hither.”
But Bob Brown had no park with 10,000 accommodation. So Sacramento had to be carried by the league. Now the Sacs are rich, bearing the fruit of two good war years and a couple pretty fair country ball clubs.
* * *
There is also the question here of Sunday baseball. When the new Capilano Stadium in built, it will still be bare on the Sabbath. Vancouver could not hop into the Coast League without a baseball home seven days a week.
There is one argument against this latter point. It is not strong, but we’ll pass it on, anyway. In Toronto, which is in the International League, there is also a lack of Sunday baseball.
But the Leafs are direct offsprings of the Philadelphia Athletics, and any financial looses incurred by the Queen City are made up by the parents.
You can’t argue here, then. You perhaps wonder why we bother to go further. Well, there is a move afoot to lift San Francisco and Los Angeles into big league status.
Should this happen there are two franchises left on the street. Coast League fathers say, of course, that ‘Frisco and L.A. will make no move without the rest of the group. It does stand to reason, though, that is some major league club starts waving a spare $1,000,000 franchise around, it will be picked up by one of these California towns.
* * *
And now it comes out. It has been said that in the not too far off, will come the entrance of Vancouver, Mexico City and Denver, Colorado into the Pacific Coast League. They just have to sit back and wait for that free ride into Class AAA baseball.
That was not the original subject, though. We are looking about 10 years ahead. Right now, and in the immediate future, local fans will have to take their fill of the WIL.
It is definitely bad business that a city of over 400,000 persons must play around with seven other towns which do not total the population here. But, as they say at the ballyard, that’s baseball.

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