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Games of Thursday, July 10, 1947

5,438 Victorians Watch Jensen Win
VICTORIA, July 10 - A new attendance record of 5,438 paid their way to see last year's Western International League strikeout king in his 1947 home debut as the A's crushed the Vancouver Capilanos 12-4 tonight.
Bob Jensen spaced 12 singles, and allowed only two runs in the first eight innings.
He struck out nine and walked six.
Bill White accounted for the first two Victoria runs, doubling Pat Patterson over in the fourh and hitting and inside-the-park home run in the third.
The A's salted it away in the fifth, scoring five times after the first two batters were retired.
John Cavalli and Leo Righetti walked and Jensen drove in one run when his hard hit to short bounced over Buddy Hjelmaa's head. Patterson doubled and John Hooper hit one over the fence to complete the rally.
Errors by Buddy Hjelmaa and Jim Hedgecock, a balk and Hooper's single added two unearned runs in the sixth. The A's wound up their run-making in the seventh on solid hitting. Harshman, Babe Jensen and Cavalli singled sharply, Righetti rapped out a double, and Bob Jensen's outfield fly scored the final counter.
Vancouver ......... 001 100 002— 4 12 4
Victoria ............. 101 502 30x—12 14 1
Hedgecock and Stumpf; Jensen and Mastro.

Bremerton ...... 100 000 000—1 7 3
Tacoma .......... 100 000 20x—3 11 1
Kittle and Ronning; Walden and Clifford.

Wenatchee ....... 001 600 020—9 15 2
Yakima ............ 100 000 010—2 5 0
Cronin and Dalrymple; Strait, Simon (4) and Constantino.

Spokane ........ 013 000 010—5 9 1
Salem ........... 020 300 04x—9 8 2
Werbowski and O'Neil; Wyatt and Beard.

Before and After
By Ken McConnell
[Vancouver Province, July 11, 1947]
It is just as well that the Caps finally shattered that losing streak at nine straight. Just got to the ball game the other night in time to see them win.
The folks gad been a-mumbling and a-grumbling for most of the games and you could hardly blame the Caps staunchest supporters.
Strange, though, the difference a victory can make.
Everybody is well aware that the Caps are tied tightly with the Emil Sick interests in Seattle. In view of what is happening with the Seattle club in the Pacific Coast League, it is little wonder that the Caps are in the second division.
I can tell you that Bob Brown, for all his years in baseball [unreadable line] a flippant, hopeful observation to the grouchers and a pain in his heart when he sadly chalks up the final score.
We are in Class B ball and there are things such as salary limits. There is no question about the money behind the club, there is plenty of that. But, unhappily, our connections where potential players might be in the offing seems to be lacking.
At least we rarely get any help in the clutch and it is evidence we need help badly now.
* * *
There is good spirit exhibited for the most part by fans at Capilano Stadium. They take their losses in stride and naturally grumble. They are regular attenders at a ball park that leaves much to be desired.
Still, they are ready to back Bill Brenner’s boys and have consistently proven their desire to do so.
But—and this is what hurts—when Salem needs a ma they get one. When Victoria needs help to become a pennant contender, that help is provided.
Presumably, the other clubs in the Western International League are similarly treated and our Caps have to struggle along as best they can , making the mostest of the bestest they have. It is now getting well on into the season and we are again 11 games out of first place.
There seems to be little hope that we’ll do much better unless some immediate help is provided. It is not Brenner’s fault; it is not the fault of those who are doing their best for us.
The fault would seem to remain with out connections. Seattle can’t do anything for us—and the other teams seem to beat even Richard to the trading doors of the other clubs.

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