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Games of Tuesday, April 22, 1947

TACOMA, April 22—Behind the four-hit pitching of Cy Greenlaw, veteran lefthander, Tacoma defeated Wenatchee 8 to 2 before 5,236 fans in the Tigers' home opener in the Western International league here Tuesday night.
Greenlaw also touched off a four-run Tacoma attack in the sixth inning when he knocked a home run over the left barrier.
Wenatchee ..... 000 100 001—2 4 2
Tacoma ........ 000 004 13x—3 12 3
Vivalda, Adam (8) and Winter; Greenlaw and Kuper.

VANCOUVER, April 22—Vancouver Capilanos tonight defeated the Salem Senators 8-3 to capture their first win of the Western International League baseball season.
The game, featured by the first triple play of the 1947 season, was witnessed by 3,500 fans.
Lavis York led the Capilano onslaught with a double and a triple, driving in two runs. Frank Mullens shared the heavy-hitting honours by poling out a homer on the first pitch in the initial inning for Vancouver's first run.
The Senators pulled off the triple play in the second inning when shortstop Hank Bartolomei snared Meraloma hurler Hunk Anderson's grounder, forced Bill Brenner at second with second baseman Al Spaeter relaying it to first to nab Anderson. Buddy Hjelmaa was caught stealing home for the third out.
Anderson held the Senators to four hits, striking out eight and walking three. Portsider Ken Wyatt gave up five hits in four innings while Bob Sporer was nicked for four in the four innings he worked.
Caps Note—Duke McLeod will be without partner Leo Nicholson on the Caps' baseball broadcasts on CKMO this year. He will be broadcasting home games on Mondays and Thursdays.
Salem ....... 000 030 000—3 4 4
Vancouver ... 120 050 00x—8 9 3
Wyatt, Sporer (5) and Kerr; Anderson and Brenner

VICTORIA, April 22 - Sam Stassi's home run after consecutive singles by Art Lilly, Gene Thompson and Bud Beringhele gave the Yakima Stars a first-inning jump as they took an 11-7 Western International League contest over the Victoria Athletics tonight.
The Stars got to starter Bill Woop for three more in the fourth then scored twice off reliever Les Palmer in the fifth and two more in the eighth.
Woop had car trouble in Wenatchee and didn't arrive at Royal Athletic Park until today.
Keith Simon staggered through his start for the Stars, walking ten and hitting two, as well as uncorking a wild pitch. Four errors by his teammates kept him in constantly difficulty, as four of the runs against him were unearned. He struck out 12.
Jack Harshman homered and singled for the losers.
Yakima ...... 400 320 020—11 14 4
Victoria .... 000 113 011— 7 6 2
Simon and Phillips; Woop, Palmer (5) and Mastro.

Spokane ...... 001 103 000—5 10 2
Bremerton .....201 100 000—4 7 1
Spitzer and Bufflap; Federmeyer, Ahearn (8) and Volpi.

Before and After
By Ken McConnell
[Vancouver Daily Province, April 23, 1947]
There was the drip, drip, drip of a leaky faucet. A few slightly soiled sweat shirts adorned the makeshift clothesline. Trainer Reg Wallis, the pudgy one, who once toiled on the hillock for the North Van club, was rubbed Hunk Anderson’s arm. There was the smell of wintergreen; of sweat and there was tension in the air.
“Not so much tape this year,” said Manager Bill Brenner of the Capilanos. “Last year it was all tape and guts. This year we won’t need that tape...”
Brenner took a peeck at his neighbor’s letter.
“You may be manager,” reproved the individual, as he fought to conceal whatever his gal had jotted down, “But you can’t read my mail.”
“That so? Well you better start playing ball, then...”
It was forced levity.
“Who said we are gonna lose?”
* * *
A Broken Toe-Nail
Baby of the team is 18-year-old infielder, Russell Brodie.
“But nobody calls me Russell,” patiently explained the young shortstop. “I have been Tony ever since I broke a toe-nail once when we were playing an important high school game.”
We say and talked to this clean-cut youngster. Last year he played in the Esquire game at Chicago. It was the thrill of a lifetime.
Now, as he endeavors to fulfill the dream of a big league career, he thinks of the day he’ll get his professional baseball chance.
“Oh, sure, I ran for Bill (Brenner) on Sunday and I guess that was my debut in professional ball,” said the young man.
“That team would you like to play with in the Big Time?”
“Any team,” and then, hesitating, he said, “Well, if you give me my chance I’ll take the Brooklyn Dodgers. Or maybe Detroit.
“Why those two clubs?”
“Well, I don’t know exactly,” was the grave reply. “But I just like them.”
Hunk Anderson came over, had some tape put on his torn shirt sleedy and Brodie did the job for him.
I like Brodie. Sincere ... Dreaming of diamond conquest ... He just wants to do anything he can do help. But mostly he wants to play ball.
* * *
More to Come
The tension was relieved, there was an entirely different atmosphere in the Caps’ dressing room, as the club trooped back following their 8-3 triumph over Salem.
“That’s the first,” declared Brenner somewhat defiantly. There will be plenty more.
He concerned us and said: “What about that basketball series? Do you think that it is absolutely necessary that Sandy (Robertson) should play?”
I pointed out that Sandy was a mighty important member of the Meralomas; that tonight the Vancouver club will be playing the first game of a best-of-five series for the Canadian championship against Windsor.
“I guess he’s really needed,” admitted Brenner. “Well, mind you, I am not going to tell him he can play basketball or anything like that. But if Sandy does play, well I guess I can overlook the fact he is not with us for one night.”
So Sandy, there it is.
You can play tonight with the Lomas and I am confident neither Bob Brown or Bill Brenner will say a word.
Especially, Sandy, if you help the Meralomas win.

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