Saturday, June 16, 2007

Greenlaw to Hurl Opener

SPOKANE, — Pete Zmitrovich, one of the new Spokane Indians' best pitching prospects, and veteran Cy Greenlaw, 18-game winner for Tacoma last year, will be starting hurlers Friday night when the two teams open the Western International league baseball season here.
Other starters listed by Managers Ben Geraghty of Spokane and Luther (Red) Harvel of Tacoma are:
Spokane—Herb Gorman, first base; Rip Koenig, second base; Buddy Hicks, shortstop; Bob Morgan, third base; “Biff” Bufflap, catcher; Doug Donnan, left field; "Scat" Scarpelli, center field and Jimmy Dow, right field.
Tacoma—Earl Kuper, catcher; Gil Neumann, first base; Glenn Stetter, second base; Ed Keehan, shortstop: George Pelati, third base; Bob Joratz, left field; Peter Tedeschi, center field, and Dick Greco, right field.
- Friday, April 18, 1947

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Matthew Rushton said...

Hello, my name is Matthew Rushton from Bridgewater, Massachusetts and I'm trying to track down photos or articles for George Pelati, he played from 46-49 for tocoma and a few other cubs farm leagues. He is 92' and I would love to put something together for him, he has no pictures or articles from the past. Thank you.